Learning about my Argentine heritage allowed me to dive deeply into the traditions and values of gaucho culture. Unlike the beef industry today, gauchos had an unlimited amount of respect for their environment, their livestock, and each other. I share that same mentality when it comes to my products and designs.

The fashion and cattle industries are as different as you may think, but yet they suffer from the same capitalism and monopolization that is destroying our environment. And some may proclaim that the solution is to simply not buy clothes and not eat meat.

But, this is a false perception of how we should be handling these issues. Quietly boycotting these industries into bankruptcy is not only impractical, but also harmful to many people who are employed by these industries.

What we need is CHANGE, PRESSURE, SETTING A NEW STANDARD. I created mooo to explore this idea of cross-industry inspiration.

this is the intersection between fashion and environmentalism.

this is the protection of mindful farming practices.

this is fashion inspired by gaucho culture.

this is a movement.

this is mooo.