please enjoy this poem

some things about this brand.

with a mooo mooo here

we care about the environment.

and a mooo mooo there

gender neutral products.

here a mooo

sustainably made in Chicago.

there a mooo

inspirado en los gauchos.

everywhere a mooo mooo

written by kiki apple


All products sold are made from sustainable materials and handmade in my apartment. I believe that the fashion industry should be moving toward using sustainable materials and producing in small batches. If you would like to know more about my process, please contact me! I am always happy to discuss the sustainability of the clothes I make.


cattle is responsible for emitting more green house gases than any other animal in the livestock industry. the fast fashion industry is respondible for ~10% of all CO2 emissions globally. mooo is here to help raise awareness about these evironmental issues. therefore, 5% of all profits will be donated to The Cool Effect to support their effort to reduce carbon emissions globally in all different industries.


mooo is working towards an inclusive and socially conscious commuity. we sell gender neutral clothing, not "unisex" (because, by definition, that is based on a binary concept of gender). mooo supports the BLM movement and will actively work to create a brand of equal representation.